Happy Trails!


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The last couple of years have been a whirlwind…Greg and I proudly watched our two amazing kids successfully launch into adulthood.  Sarah graduated from UCLA (our alma mater) and embarked on her own adventure in San Francisco where she found more than one great job. Ultimately, she landed at an up and coming marketing software company where she is thriving and taking advantage of all that the city has to offer. Michael, meanwhile, graduated from SMU in Dallas, was hired at a prominent industrial real estate development company and then, as icing on the cake married his adorable college sweetheart.  While we lost one to San Francisco, we gained two.  Michael and his wife Valerie were able to relocate to Orange County after their wedding, when Michael scored a promotion at his company.

After all this excitement (our dreams for our kids come true), Greg and I were more than ready for a change. While the home where the kids grew up held lots of great memories, it became too big and too empty.  Finally after many years deliberating a move, we took the plunge and the house sold within 2 weeks.  Now what? What’s our next move? Greg’s idea…store everything and move into an RV and tour the country, open ended…just GO!  Sandy’s response?  I think I will feel homeless :/ and will undoubtedly drive Greg crazy with my anxiety.  Our answer/compromise? First relocate to a new home, THEN take the RV trip.  So we did!! We moved to a cozy little place close enough to all of our family and friends, but far enough away that it feels like a new chapter.  And now…it’s time for that RV trip!

Now it’s our turn for a bucket list adventure!

We are days away from leaving for a full month of seeing our country and Canada too.  With our furry children riding shot gun, we are traveling from here to Calgary AB by way of Utah, Wyoming and Montana.  After Greg sweeps the World Handball Championship (HOPEFULLY) in Calgary, we’ll continue on to Banff, Lake Louise, Vancouver, then make our way slowly back home via Washington, Oregon, then down the California coast. Thanks to our amazing friends the Barnetts, we’ll be traveling in a 26-foot “Minnie Winnie”  (hoping it’s not too Minnie, we’re big people).  We have 25 + RV campgrounds booked and waiting for us, several pre-planned excursions, our bikes, bear spray and “various and sundry” REI camping items.  (Quite sure we’ll be visiting REI a few more times before we leave…Greg loves any excuse to go to REI.)

So this is the reason for our blog…check in from time to time and see what we’re discovering along the road of this new chapter (Wow! Profound…)

We’re pulling out of town one week from tomorrow!!  Still lots to do before we leave!! Happy trails!