One more down, one more chemo to go!

Hi there dear family and friends!  Well, we are done with Chemo #5, which means that I HAVE ONLY 1 MORE TREATMENT TO GO!  As you can imagine, I am overjoyed to be this close to the end of my 4 1/2 month treatment.

I’ve gone dark for the last few weeks because I felt so good, I didn’t want to waste a single second staying home when I could be out seeing movies, going to the beach, taking long walks, meeting friends and spending time with my wonderful family.  I’m sorry if I worried you…my reasons for my absence were all good!

Greg, Michael and I escaped for the weekend at Grandma and Grandpas’s cabin in Twin Peaks, near Lake Arrowhead. We played lots of cards, enjoyed the sunshine and lots of R&R….the perfect weekend getaway!

As you may remember, after my prior treatment, I came down with severe eyelid infections which kept me from venturing out on my days between infusions.  Thank God, in time, my eyelids healed on their own, without having to have surgery to help them along.  Now that they have been healed, I have been chomping at the bit to get out and feel normal again…and I definitely felt good and strong enough to have some fun.  Hallelujah!  I am so grateful.  If you’ve ever been stuck in bed, or down for any length of time, you know the beautiful feeling of freedom.  I hope I never lose sight of how great it is to feel good!

Truthfully, the last few weeks, I don’t even feel like I have cancer! And frankly, its entirely possible that I don’t!  My last MRI was as good as it could possibly be, and that was only half way through treatment!

So, where are we now?  I have my last chemo treatment on 10/27. After that, I will have the entire month of November to rest, recuperate, get my white blood cells built up, and get strong and ready for my next big hurdle…double mastectomy on December 2nd.  Truthfully, I get overwhelmed to think of what’s next, but God has been so faithful so far, I know I will get through this too.  My loved ones know me so well…”one day at a time, don’t borrow future worries, you’ll get through this,” they remind me.  Even still, I must admit I’m a bit frightened.  It will be a 7-hour surgery: first the mastectomy and then the plastic surgeon will take over and start the reconstruction. If everything goes as planned, I will be in the hospital only one night and will be able to return home the following day.

You know what I think is kind of amazing? They say that early detection is key.  I’m sure that is true. I was diagnosed early…yet there is still SO much to go through.  I don’t have to look very far around me to see that my road is much easier than those who have long been battling this dreadful disease.  I definitely have had a lighter load to carry than most. Yet, my journey is far from over.  Again, let me reiterate how grateful I am to be almost done with chemo. But after that is done, I will still possibly have radiation, several months ahead of reconstructive surgery, physical therapy and Herseptin antibody shots every 3 weeks until June 0f 2017. Kind of knocks the wind out of me when I think about it too much. Time to return to being thankful that Chemo is almost over…yes, one day at a time.

Enough of that…here are some tidbits I’m excited about:

  1.  My beautiful niece Elise is getting married on November 5th.  I’m putting my dancing shoes on and my prettiest dress (thank you dear Jody!) and I’m gonna “get down with my bad self.”  My sister Joan has a place for me to lay down and rest if I get tired during the evening (I will only be 9 days from my last chemo) so we have all of our bases covered. I’m a bit bummed because I doubt I will be able to wear make-up, because my eyelid infections are still a risk.  But I’ll find some bright, happy lipstick to draw the attention away from my naked eyes and sparse eyebrows 😦
  2. My hair is already starting to grow back.  My doctor is surprised by this…it typically doesn’t start to come back in until well after chemo is over.  I’m going with yet another blessing coming my way! It won’t be grown in for quite some time, so don’t get too excited to see my “big reveal” any time soon.  But it is coming!! Yippee!!! Also, spoiler alert, my hair color will NOT be blonde, but it may be curly.  (I’ve already forewarned my wonderful hair stylist Kristine that I will need her big time to help me come up with a style that prevents me from looking like a human Q-Tip.  The girl is a miracle worker…she’s the perfect one for the job.
  3. At my last chemo treatment, my loving friends Jody and Shawna were my chemo buddies.  Along with all the others who held my hand and watched me sleep, these two faithful friends were such a blessing to me.  They read to me from a beautifully inspiring book they gifted to me, kept my spirits high and made the 4 hour ordeal fly by!! Thank you to you both! Your faithful friendship overwhelms me!
    Shawna and Jody! You two are the best!

    4.  October is Breast Cancer awareness month and I was the first to sign the banner in the lobby at Breastlink. I was honored to “sign in!”img_1878-2I hope and pray that no one I love ever has to walk down this road of breast cancer…However, if the need should ever arise in the future, I have the highest recommendation and regard for Breastlink and the caring, capable doctors and staff there.  I am so grateful that I was recommended to this practice.  I trust them implicitly and I owe them loads and loads of thanks and gratitude.fullsizerender-8These two ladies are on the frontline at Breastlink.  Vicky (right) was the first, loving voice I heard on the other end of the phone on the first day I called to make an appointment.  I was scared, really more like petrified, and the way Vicky handled my call gave me immediate peace that she would pave the way for me to see the doctors I needed to see right away.  This gal was on it!  Taking care of everything to get me started and greeting me with a big hug every time I come in.  And Amanda (left) is equally as wonderful!  She’s the friendly face at the front desk, efficiently keeping the busy waiting room working like a clock, while still remembering to give a hug, a smile and an encouraging word.  These gals are the best! I am certainly spoiled forever!  I don’t think I will ever be able to go to a regular doctors’ office again without expecting the extra TLC I get at Breastlink!

Treatment #5 flew by without a hitch and I was so happy to chalk another one off the list.  As always, my loving hubby and my mommy were by my side! Thank you everyone for always attending to my every need.  How will I ever repay your kindness??

Jody, me, Mom and my Greg!


I love you all…with all of my grateful heart!  Stay well and fight the good fight!