Day 23: Trying to Capture the Beauty of the Redwoods

We woke up this morning with one mission in mind! Where’s the best place to see the Redwoods? We settle on heading to Humboldt State Park, just south of us.  Ditching our original plan to camp in Trinidad, which is only a short distance from Klamath and too far north to see Humboldt, we decide to have lunch in Trinidad first before embarking on our scenic drive.  We found a yummy place on Yelp called Lighthouse Grille in Trinidad, where Greg had fish and chips and I had a “nut” burger (appropriate for me, dontcha’ think?) We did a bit of grocery shopping there and picked up groceries, so that Greg could whip up another of his famous RV barbecues, and headed to Humboldt.

Along the way, we saw a turn-off where we could potentially see elk!  Score! Way off in the distance we did catch a glimpse of a bull elk, sharpening his horns against a telephone pole. (Sorry, no picture!  Too far away!)  Then we jumped on a scenic segment of highway in search of our Redwoods.  With the help of a couple of nice park rangers we met at an information center, we grabbed some maps and forged ahead.  We saw beautiful scenery along the way.

Every picture we take cannot possibly depict the magnificence of  these Redwoods!   On our second day of exploring these spectacular forests, we’re feeling frustrated that we can’t seem to properly share them with you…I know!  How about a short video clip of our drive? Maybe THEN you might get a clearer picture with how overwhelming beautiful it is here!!  Let’s give it a try…

By the way, it took several attempts to get these few seconds of video…I even resorted to hanging out the window to try to get the footage…

I'll stop at nothing to get my blog material!
I’ll stop at nothing to get my blog material!

Another wonderful day with the Redwoods comes to a close and we opt for arriving early to our campground so we can catch a breath (and do LOTS of laundry)! As seen in the picture below, we’re putting together some interesting outfits with the few clean clothes we have left, Haha!

IMG_4481 2
I know, I know! I’m pretty cute!

While I do laundry, Greg cooks another delicious dinner for us!!  Salmon and veggies…perfect end to another perfect day!

IMG_4511 2
The best part of camping! The Champ is a great cook!

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