Day 26: San Francisco to See Our Sarah!

We’ve been so looking forward to this next leg of our trip!  We get to see our Sarah, who’s living and working in San Francisco.  So, while I COULD expend energy telling you the details leading up to our arrival in San Francisco, I’ll jump to the highlight…We GET TO SEE OUR DAUGHTER!! I felt like a kid who can’t wait for Christmas morning to come…hurry up clock!  Fast forward to the time she’s off work and we get to see her!!

Since our RV is parked outside the city, we have to catch the Larkspur Ferry into the city and then we decide to walk from the SF Ferry Terminal to her apartment, which according to our calculations, should only be about 30 minutes.  HOWEVER, the GPS map fails to mention that a good portion of that walk will be straight UPHILL!! Thankfully, we had the good sense to wear our tennies, so at least we had that going for us.  (I do not know how she walks/runs these streets every day…She is a better woman than I…this walk just about kills me!)

We finally made to her new apartment, which we have not seen since she moved in last month. While the apartment and her roommates were darling, the real treat was seeing our beautiful Sarah!!

IMG_0013 copy
Beautiful Sarah runs out to meet us…First things first, CONGRATULATIONS WORLD CHAMPION!

She made reservations at a healthy new restaurant in her neighborhood, “Lord Stanley’s,” and we three had a delicious dinner and a wonderful time catching up, laughing, sharing stories and having a perfect night.  Sarah is an incredible young woman, and we are so proud of her!

It would be hard to say goodbye, but we can leave knowing that we have an incredible day planned together tomorrow.

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