A new chapter, a new adventure.

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Only 9 months ago, Greg and I were delighted to embark upon our epic month-long RV trip through California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon and several beautiful destinations in Canada, including Calgary, Banf, Lake Louise and Victoria Island. We had a wonderful time together, waking up every morning with the thrill of wondering what would the day before us hold, and enjoying discovering every second of the unknown.

Little did we know then, that 9 months later, the open road ahead of us, as a couple, would be navigating the unfamiliar and scary territory of cancer.  This week, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and while I am the one whose body this affliction has invaded, it has attacked both of us, affecting us equally, both standing together in solidarity to seek God, define treatment and go forth together, doing whatever it takes to rid our lives of this terrible disease.

If you’re reading this now, you probably already know about this shocking development. If you didn’t know before, I’m sure you are quite surprised.  Believe me, to say this recent turn of events is jolting, is probably the understatement of the year.  But nevertheless, it is our new reality and we are dealing with it as best we can.

Why am I writing about this particular adventure in our blog, which was formerly focused on travel?  It occurs to me that our journey with cancer is really just another kind of adventure and in some ways, there are similarities:

We didn’t really know where we were headed then, (even though we had a general idea) and we don’t completely know now; where will the twists and turns of this journey take us? But this we do know: wherever we go, we go together and we have a deep and abiding faith that God will be with us every step of the way.

Greg and I want to personally invite you to travel with us.  Knowing we have incredible, loving family and friends who would like to know the details and receive updates, and anticipating that it will be difficult for us to thoroughly communicate with each of you by phone or email, we’re thinking this will be somewhere you can check in with us.  Also, I love to write, so I will enjoy creating a narrative that we will look back on some day when I am fully healed to remember the faith journey that this will undoubtedly be.

If you want, you can subscribe to receive an email alerting you when there is a new post,  Or you can check back on your own, whenever you want to see how we’re doing.  In either event, thank you so so much for your unwavering love, persistent prayers and overflowing support for me, for Greg and for our entire family.

Feel free to leave a comment…it will be such a blessing to hear from you!

We are so grateful for you!  We are sending lots of love to you!

14 thoughts on “A new chapter, a new adventure.”

  1. Sandy,
    I am just reading this post for the first time. I am so sorry to hear about this challenge you and your family must face. I will read your updates since this post and send you my love and thoughts. I know you will kick cancer’s … you know what!
    All my love and support,

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  2. Dear Sandy,
    I have, too, just learned of your ‘new adventure’. I saw the posting of your beautiful new hair cut but thought nothing of it other than a new look. As I read through your writings, I am reminded of your sweet, joyful personality who often looked to serve others. May you now rest in those around you who can come along side and serve you. I am praying for your complete healing and that this journey would not be too difficult. God Bless you.
    If you and Greg need anything, a meal, an errand, etc. , please message me. God’s speed, Joyce Lingren

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  3. Sandy- ok this sucks big time but you will get through it- no one is more positive than you are – and you will have the best Kappa breasts!!!! my bff just went through this same type and she looks great- so not fun but you will be fine- if you have aNY QUESTIONS AT ALL SHE WOULD BE HAPPY TO SHARE ALL HER THOUGHTS AND HELP YOU IN ANY WAY- XOXO

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  4. Sandy❤️ Your words are so touching and full of strength. I sadly haven’t seen you in person since college, but your positive, always smiling, joyful energy, is still with me today. That my friend, is going to help you soar thru treatments to a full healthy recovery! I have no doubt! I will be following you on your adventure, sending love and prayers all along the way!🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❌⭕️

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  5. Sandy, I’m so very sorry that this is the journey that you will now be on but I know that you have so much love and such a strong spirit that you will get through this with a renewed perspective and even greater joy for the long life that you have ahead! Please know that I have you in my heart and prayers! You will kick Cancer’s butt!❤️❤️❤️

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  6. As I read this for the first time Sandy, I am so sad…but I am faithful for your journey.
    I find strength in the coincidence of timing…I just today, before reading your message, read back on the emails when my Mom and I were trying to process her news of breast cancer. She was your age. And today… 25 years later…she is thankful for all that she took from her journey. It was stressful. It was scary. It was many things. But when we talk now about the journey, she does it with a thankful heart.
    And then I saw your message.
    I just know it’s a sign of how you will be feeling in 25 years looking back on your own personal journey.
    My heart and thoughts are with you and your family beautiful lady.

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  7. You are so loved and how blessed to have such wonderful friends and family by your side. I am praying for you and feel so saddened that I did not know earlier. Love you!

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  8. Thinking of you and praying for you Sandy and Greg! What a great way to keep us all in touch with you. I know the Lord has great plans for you on this journey. May you draw blessed strength from your faith during your treatments but also always! Love you, thank you 🙂

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