A day off with Sarah!

Today is Wednesday. Yesterday is behind us, and tomorrow, the day we meet our Oncologist for the first time, is looming just around the corner.  Please Lord, I  begged, don’t let tomorrow bring more bad news.

Time stood still.

As I said before, to my great delight.  My Sarah extended her trip home and she was with us until she would return to SF tomorrow night. Have I told you lately how amazing my daughter is?  She sprung into action and planned a fun adventure for the two of us to give us a a much needed break!

Laying down taking a cat nap and in bursted Sarah.  “Mom, get up, take a shower and when I get back from the gym, be ready for a fun day.”  Of course, that’s exactly what I did! I know better than to be uncooperative.


Off we went!  We drove to Santa Monica with her plan to go on these amazing swings on the beach, then go shopping for comfy jammies I could wear to Chemo treatments and the icing on the cake, have dinner with my sister Joan and niece Elise.

Well the day was exactly what I needed. Time with my girls was precious…lots of laughter, lots of tears.  This is the way most days are for me these days. Every emotion is raw and runs the full gamut.

A highlight of my was a phone call from my friend Maudi.  She heard the news from her daughter and Sarah’s friend Chloe and she called to offer her support.  The amazing thing was that she had had the exact kind of breast cancer that I have, had the same treatment as I would soon receive, was in remission and wanted me to know that the treatment was/is survivable.  Thank you Maudi for your words of encouragement.  I cling to the hope that I too will soon be through this daunting chapter and be in the position to call others at the beginning of their journeys and offer them the same gift of encouragement.

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