I am cancer free!

I got the call today from my surgeon!  I have the best possible news to report!   The pathology report is back  and my lymph nodes are clear, therefore the cancer did not spread, and there is no evidence of cancer in either breast.  I can officially say “I AM CANCER FREE!”

I’ve been home from the hospital since Saturday, the day after the surgery.  I’m fighting through the pain, thanks to my great TLC from my hubby and family, great medication and a LOT of prayer, and I’m going to make it through just fine.

For now, I am only resting, taking short walks and getting strong enough for my post-op appointments on Friday.  There will be many more discussions about my next steps in getting healed, but for now, wanted to pause and celebrate that the CANCER IS GONE!!  I feel like a walking miracle!

I’ll report more news when I have it.  For now, just know how thankful I am we have all made it through together!! So grateful for Team Boo-Bee!! 👻🐝

Thank you God!! Thank you!!

Love love love you all!!


My sisters, Mom and me right before surgery!

Leaving Saddleback Hospital the day after the surgery.

29 thoughts on “I am cancer free!”

  1. So excited beyond words!! God is good ang you have fought through this with Poise and Grace which only goes from your Love of God!! Hint hint… check your wrist dear:)
    Love you Sandy and can’t wait to celebrate with you!!

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  2. We serve an amazing and gracious God! We are so elated about your wonderful recovery! How your family will enjoy you this Christmas!!!
    Love and blessings,
    Doug and Melissa

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  3. Sandy!!! That is the best news ever!! Praise God!! Absolutely wonderful! Sending lots of love and healing prayers your way and praising God for the clear report! Love you! Kristi

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  4. Sandy,
    Praise our mighty Jehovah- Raphe!! He heard the prayers of those who love you and he answered in a mighty way. His love never fails. So very overjoyed for you and your family. You fought the good fight my friend and you beat cancer!!!

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  5. Bless you my dear friend! So very happy for you. Hugs to both you and your hubby! He too must be thrilled you’re cancer-free. Can’t wait to have lunch and celebrate. Diana

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  6. God has truly blessed you and I am beyond thrilled for you! I have been following your posts and praying for you daily. I am one of your silent fans and could not be happier for you and your family with this news! You are a Rock Star Sandy! I hope we can get together in the New Year as too much time has passed. Merry Christmas and much love to you!! Linda 🙂

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  7. Such great news Sandy- I admire you so much – you are SO strong!! Get some R&R. Love Corrine
    PS – you still look gorgeous – even right after surgery!! Those smiling eyes…….

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  8. Sandy we just read this and are rejoicing with you! Praise the Lord our healer! You continue to be a shining example of what it truly means to have joy in all circumstances and trust in Our Father during the toughest of times. Truly an epic adventure. Will continue to pray for your full recovery Sandy.

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  9. Praise our Lord.!!! Sandy, I have tears of JOY for you! This news is like the best Christmas gift ever. I know you still have a journey of recovery and I will continue to pray throughout each day. Much LOVE AND JOY for you and your family and all prayer worriers. xoxo

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