Surgery postponed.

Just a quickie update:  Yes, I was supposed to have my implant surgery today, but it has been postponed for now.

Last week, I came down with the flu and after 4 solid days of fever, I found myself in a weakened state.  Also, the burn wound which has been healed for quite a long time, opened up again last week.  So, my plastic surgeon suggested we wait.  I am completely fine with waiting.  I don’t want to rush the last step.  I can be patient until I am strong enough.

Also last week, I had my port removed.  Even though I still have 7 more Herceptin treatments, I’ve decided that I’d rather have the infusions intravenously rather than via the port, as I have been experiencing a lot of pain and stiffness which I believe has been due to the port.  So, my doctor reluctantly removed it last Thursday.  After the procedure, she confirmed that it was, in fact, pressing against my clavicle. Even though the incision site is sore as it heals, I can already tell that removing the port will ease the neck, shoulder, clavicle and back tightness and pain I have been struggling through.

I am feeling a LOT better today and I am hopeful that I will soon be able to schedule my next surgery (removing the expanders and replacing them with the implants.)

I’ll be sure to keep you posted! Thank you for your prayers! Sending my love to you all!