We’re Off!

We’re off…

Now that could mean that “we’ve left and are on our way,” OR  that could mean that Greg and I are a little crazy…or both.  For someone who enjoys everything staying exactly the same, loving the consistency of day to day routine, this trip is WAY out of my comfort zone.  And as for Greg being a little bit “off,” he may look like a perfectly sane, conservative guy, but you have to wonder a little bit about someone who gleefully purchases bear repellent (complete with a convenient belt holster).  I rather think he’s hoping for a bear encounter, while I, not surprisingly, shake in my boots at merely the thought of it.  We may be a little crazy, to embark on a trip for a month in a RV, but it is good and healthy for us to expand our horizons.  So, here we go!!

Getting on the road today was nothing particularly exciting, as our first leg was an exercise in managing logistics.  Load truck…drive to Palm Desert…pull RV out of storage…unload truck cargo into RV…grocery shop…arrive at RV park…eat/sleep.  After years of traveling to Lake Powell to enjoy a week of heaven on our house boat, we are well accustomed to the first travel day…a lot of work, but the key to the getaway.

Even today was not without it’s adventures…we learned that Greg should listen to his wife when she questions whether the cargo in the truck bed is well enough secured.  (We’d like to apologize to the guy on the freeway who had to dodge the mattress topper that bounced off our backside.)  And I’d like to thank my guy for single-handedly offloading all of of our stuff into the RV in 110 degree heat and for putting up with grumpy Sandy when my low blood sugar and heat sensitivity made me a tad less delightful.

Once we were all settled in and could finally eat dinner at 10:00 pm, we were glad the day was behind us and we were poised to get an early start the next day.  Even the doggies are starting to adjust to the newness of our home for the next month.  Daisy, always a trooper, is taking it all in stride.  Bella, on the other hand, is our nervous, skittish one and she looks/acts like she’d like to be anywhere but here.  As long as she can sit right next to one of us as her security blanket, she’ll be fine.

So that’s it for now…tomorrow will surely bring an epic adventure for Greg and Sandy (and their hairy children.)