Day 11: They’re Here! Hooray!

Another slower news day…since the reason we came to Calgary was partially so Greg could make a run at the World Handball Championships, it is only right that I allow my champ to rest up for his big matches.  His first one was scheduled for 8:00 pm, so we spent the day doing the kinds of pre-game activities that will yield his best results…eating and resting.  Suddenly, my travel blog is turning into a food blog, as it seems most of my news is all about the fabulous restaurants Yelp has led us to here in Calgary.  Delicious lunch at No/Ta/Ble, where the chicken and salad was to die for.  Then dinner tonight at the CattleBaron, which sounds like it would be all about the beef.  The beef was wonderful, Greg tells me, but my warm Salmon green salad was scrumptious. Yelp reviews promised me that, even though the fish shouldn’t be that great because Calgary is land-locked, because the restaurant is close to an airport, the fresh salmon can fly on over and still tastes great…I was not disappointed. (Don’t know how we went from the Starvation RV Diet, to the Eat Ourselves Into a Food Coma Diet…but I’d better get it while the goin’s good, because as soon as we hit the open road again, there will soon be NO TIME to stop and eat :/  )

Between our eating frenzies, we started our 3rd audio book.  Remember our friends Fritz and Diana from Day 5 in Moran, Wyoming?  Well, they told us that the audio book The Boys In The Boat was a good read/listen.  Well true to form, I fell asleep after about the first minute.  So, I’m sure it’s quite good.  Only the best books and movies put me right to sleep…

My version of a sleeping pill. I'm sure it's very good, if I could just stay awake.
My version of a sleeping pill. I’m sure it’s very good, if I could just stay awake.

A little while later in the afternoon, we learned that Greg’s opponents for his second match in the 60’s doubles division, ALSO forfeited! Huh?? What is up with these people?  So Greg and Merv will play tomorrow in the finals for this division, without ever playing any early round matches.  (They had a bye in the first round because they were seeded 2nd in the tournament.)  I asked Greg to confirm this:  He’s never played in a tournament in which he had a bye and 2 forfeits bringing him to the finals.  Tomorrow’s opponents had to fight their way through the first 3 rounds, while Greg and Merv will come fresh to the finals.  It will be very interesting to see what happens.  I know you are sitting on the edge of your seats to find out the outcome. 🙂  Don’t worry…I will post the breaking news as soon as I get it!!

Here comes the highlight of my day….my sister Joan and hubby Kent are on their way as we speak to fly from LA into Calgary and join us in the glamor tram for our adventures through Canada.  I am beyond excited to see them (wish Marcia and Bryan could have made the trip too 😦  …As soon as Greg is done scouting tomorrow’s competition, we are whisking away to pick them up at the airport.  Whoooppppieeeee! 

Try to get some sleep tonight.  I know it will be hard to get shut eye, with your minds racing about tomorrow’s tournament! HEE HEE! You will know as soon as I know!!