Day 30: Passing on to Paso Robles

We changed our plans a bit today…we originally thought we would would spend one more day and night in Yosemite, but the activities we wanted to do were crossed off our list when we learned of the very low, and, in some cases, nonexistent bodies of water currently in Yosemite.  (Remember yesterday when we rode our bikes to see Mirror Lake, only to find a lakebed of dirt, with absolutely no water?)  For example, we wanted to do a water rafting trip, but what’s the fun when there’s no rapids?? :/ Besides, we’re starting to feel “home sweet home” beckoning us!  I mean after all, it HAS been a month!  So we head on to our next stop, Paso Robles.

The drive between Yosemite and Paso Robles was dry, dry, dry, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Seeing the herds of cows on the side of the highway, grazing on dried grass and dirt…so sad to see. How are they surviving?  Obviously ranchers and farmers trying to work the land are among those hardest hit by the drought…Oh how we all pray for rain!

As we get closer to Paso Robles, things start to look a bit greener, which is such a welcome sight.  Thankfully, our RV park for the night, Wine Country RV, is able to accommodate us a day early.

We’re delighted to see it’s a nice campground, with friendly office staff who gave us great recommendation for local restaurants in town. Were we ever glad!  At 4:00 pm, this was our first and only meal for the day (coming full circle, we’re back to the RV Starvation Diet.)

We find a good parking place in the shade, so the doggies can stay cool with the generator on (it’s in the 90’s) and head over to a cute place next to the Paso Robles town square called Artisan.  We have a small bite to eat there, thinking we’ll sample a few different restaurants in the immediate area.  Suddenly, a blanket of sleepiness falls upon us, so when we go back to the RV to “water” the dogs, we find ourselves taking a nap in the cool RV.  This is proof that the Champ and I are getting to the end of our trip…napping in the middle of the day!! We like the Artisan restaurant so much, we go back for a second round of ‘eats’…yummy the second time too!

After our feast of abalone, rabbit stroganoff and goat cheese fondue, we squeeze in one more treat for the day.  The local theatre is showing “War Room” (starring Priscilla Shirer, a bible teacher whose video series I really appreciate.)  We highly recommend this flick!! It is a must see!!

With full hearts and happy tummies, we went back to the campground, for our very last night sleeping in the RV!!

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