Day 31: One Last Leg of the Trip

We can’t believe it, but we are actually heading home!  Where did the time go? How can a month have already passed?  With only a a couple hundred miles separating us and home, it feels like the drive takes forever…well at least it did for Greg!   Poor guy had to drive solo, over the Grapevine no less, as a blanket of sleepiness fell upon me practically as soon as we pulled out of the RV park.  It seemed like only a few minutes, but Greg tells me I slept for a couple of hours! Lucky me, I missed the whole dreadful drive on the Grapevine.

The view has drastically changed!

Greg and I have a favorite restaurant in El Segundo…It’s Salt Creek Grille. It is right by LAX and our special place we would stop when driving to pick up Michael at the airport, or go after we dropped him off in an attempt to cheer ourselves up.  We hosted Sarah’s college graduation dinner there, and it’s the place where I meet my high school friend Teri for lunch, since it is half way between us.  Best of all, our friends Sue and Tim McCune are the owners and we love supporting our friends.  So, where did we stop for lunch on our way home?  You guessed it! Salt Creek Grille!  Recharged, we forge ahead for our last hour before we’re home.

Just as we arrive it starts to pour!  Are we ever glad that our drive is done and we are home! It feels really good to be home, but honestly we are sad that the trip is over.  What an epic experience!  We’re just going to have to plan another one!

We made it!!

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