Testing, testing, testing.

The next two weeks that followed were FULL of daily appointments to complete the testing required to give my doctors a complete picture of my cancer. Each week, Greg and I faced weeks ahead that felt daunting and next to impossible to get through.  But day by day, by God’s grace, we checked each test off the list. By the end of each week, we knew that we got through a huge “To Do” list!  Here’s a glimpse:

Port Pre-Op Appointment √

Blood Draw √

MRI Guided Biopsy √

CT Torso Scan    √

Meet with all doctors after Tumor Board Meeting √

Oncologist 2nd Opinion √

Root Canal Re-Treatment for Infection √

Tooth Extraction √

PET Scan √

Haircut to get ready for Chemo √

Echocardiogram √

Shop for wigs √

Oh, and did I mention that in the midst of all this, Greg and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary? Yep! Gives all new meaning to our vows, “For better or worse, in sickness and in health.”


I am more in love with my husband than ever!! He continues to amaze me every single day.  I am so grateful for Greg, our kids, our extended family and all of our friends who send their love, prayers and support nearly every day!!