What a difference a week makes.

One week ago today, I spent the day watching movie after movie, well entrenched in a mini pity party.  Why?  I began to wonder if my symptoms would ever pass, allowing me to feel more “normal” again.   I was told that I would have 3-6 challenging days after chemo, but then I would feel more like my old self before my next treatment. Obviously Sunday didn’t embolden me that this would be the case. But as I wrote in my last post, Monday ushered in a brighter day and by Wednesday, I felt pretty darn good. “Normal” never felt SO GOOD!

So here I am one week later, and

What a difference a week makes!

I am elated to report that last week was a good week, filled with doing the simple things that I love and appreciate more than ever.

I was able to see friends and do my favorite things, like walking and enjoying God’s creation! It’s good for my body to exercise, not to mention great for my soul!

(The sun is so intense with chemo that I have to stay covered up to protect from sun burn…don’t be surprised if I bust out a parasol one of these days.)

I was thrilled to be reunited with my dear Holly, who’s been away for the last several weeks, helping her beautiful daughter take care of her newborn and her toddler .  It was a banner day to meet the baby for the first time!

It melted my heart to be with her toddler grandson too! He and I have FaceTimed nearly every day for the last month, and I was finally able to give him a real life hug!

Then the pièce de résistance was being with my sister Marcia and watching her future daughter-in-law Christina try on wedding gowns and witnessing her say “Yes to the Dress!”


(Of course her dress is hidden!! Can’t risk that Justin might read this post!)

Now I confess that there were a few times that I was tired, or had to run over to my oncologist’s office for a quick check-up, but all in all, I was so grateful to be part of so many precious moments.  I am over-the-moon joyful that I felt well enough to say Yes! to these outing invitations!!

I have about 10 days before my next treatment and I feel like I have gained so much valuable information from this first round that will hopefully help pave the way for diminished symptoms the next time around.  In the meantime, I will pack in as much fun as I can, rest up as much as I can, and keep eating my delicious, healthy meals  and drinking my vitamin packed elixirs!



Cheers to great health!