Getting over the hump :)

Well I am quite the slacker…its been way too long since I posted an update. This one will hopefully catch us up! As you know, we have passed the mid way point in my chemo treatment, and we are officially over the hump!

Chemo #3 went off without a hitch, and the first few days after were pretty non-eventful…until Sunday night.  I went in for a nice, warm epsom salt bath and evidently I got a little too relaxed, as I quickly found myself fighting to stay awake in my blissful, reclined, womb-like state.  Oops! Trouble! I called out to Greg, realizing I was way too groggy and thankfully my knight in shining armor fished me out and successfully got me tucked in bed.  My biggest lesson that night?  #1 Always make sure he’s home when I take a bath and #2, its best not to recline in the bath tub.

The days that followed were quite low key and wonderful.  If I can’t leave my bed, my friends come to me!  I am so spoiled…I’m getting quite used to being the princess!


The week following Chemo, Greg and I met with my surgeon Dr. Curcio for a mid-way check-up.  What we learned from her was very exciting! Dr. Curcio did an ultrasound exam and the tumor closest to the surface has shrunk significantly.

As I said in my last post, comparing last weeks measurements to those revealed in my initial ultrasound performed last May, it appears that there is a 72% reduction in size after 3 treatments.  That is very, very  encouraging as it is evidence that the cancer is responding in the way the doctors anticipated and we had hoped!  Thank you Lord!! This was a real boost to our family.


We spoke at length with Dr. Curcio regarding the steps we will need to take once Chemo is done, at the end of October.  (It is so exciting to think that we will soon be done with chemo!!!)  Surgery will follow right after Thanksgiving and we need to decide between lumpectomy plus radiation, or mastectomy with reconstruction. We are in the process of gathering more info and interviewing plastic surgeons.  While this next decision is a huge one, we are so happy that the next step is right around the corner!  One step at a time, but I get quite excited that this chapter will be over, in the not too distant future!

With all the “ups,” come a few “downs.”  Chemo can produce some challenging side effects and I am not immune to these.  While I am so blessed that the side effects have been pretty mild for me, my weirdest one is that the oily glands in my eyelids have been getting clogged and infected.img_1934Last round of chemo this symptom came and went pretty easily but this time, no such luck. So now, instead of going out to frolic between chemos, this time I get to stay close to home with hot compresses and antibiotics.  Not only do I not have hair, but now no make-up for me either. Talk about humbling!!

img_1933I find it kind of interesting that I am able to be pretty strong through the big things, but then I have a mini melt down over something as small as eye infections.  Oh well…I’m just hoping that the infections are quickly resolved and do not become a more serious issue with my depleted immune system.

Today, after seeing an ophthalmologist for my eyes, I scurried over to get my mid-way MRI to measure my success so far.  I will learn those results when I go in for my next Chemo next week.

It seems like the time between chemos goes very fast.  It’s kind of a bummer that there isn’t much time between treatments to do “normal life” but then again, it’s quite wonderful, because the faster I get through chemo, the sooner I will be cancer-free.

For now, I’m laying low, nursing my eyes back to health and doing my homework to get ready for my next big step.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying bringing in the Fall.  All of you look pretty wonderful on Facebook, taking your final trips and dropping off kids at school. I enjoy coming along on your adventures! Thank God for social media!

God bless you!