Please pray for my friends.

Dearest friends and family: You have been so wonderful in your support of our family at this trying time and today I am asking if you would enlarge your prayer list by including 6 of my dear friends who are currently battling cancer.  They are all amazing people, with a pure, solid faith in God and they all look to HIM to daily meet their needs and carry them through their time of suffering. Please join me in sending up prayers for healing for Dottie, Julie, Corrie, Angelica, and 2 unnamed others, that God would miraculously kill the cancers and restore them to complete health and vitality. 

More about Angelica…As you know from posts gone by, I have forged a special friendship with my precious neighbor Angelica. She’s darling.  She’s a young wife/mom , married to her devoted Tony and together they have 2 beautiful little girls.  I’m so grateful to have a new friend in her.

Angelica has been fighting her breast cancer since December ’14.  She’s been through a ton of pain and hardship…she’s had surgery, chemo and radiation, which culminated today.IMG_1829Angelica has been such a warrior, enduring all of her treatments with great faith and perseverance, and there has been a significant reduction in the cancer.

It appears that there is still one small tumor that is within her chest wall, and we are fervently praying that the radiation kills the cancer.  She spoke with her surgeon today, and was told that if the tumor persists, she will need to have surgery to remove parts of two of her ribs, which is an extremely difficult surgery, and will bring her ongoing challenges with chronic pain going forward.

Obviously, this is an overwhelming thought…she’s already been through so much.

We serve a big, miraculous God who is bigger than this awful cancer.  Will you join me in praying for a healing miracle for Angelica?

Lord Jesus, I pray for Angelica.  Lord I pray that YOU will kill this cancer and take it completely away from her, and that there will be no need to have the surgery.  Lord I pray for peace and comfort for Angelica and Tony and that you carry them in your arms and give them relief from pain, discomfort and fear.  Lord, please make her strong, and place your healing hands on her body and make her 100% well.  Lord, we thank you for always being with us and hearing our prayers. We give you the glory!

Thank you so much for sending up your prayers of healing for all of us and for others in your lives that our fighting the good fight as well..I could not have made it this far without you. I am humbled by your unceasing love and support!!



PS.  I’m doing fine and eyes are getting better every day!  Now coming out of the chemo cave and looking forward to the next few weeks of feeling “good.”