Day 1: Mostly Highs and a Few Pesky Lows

Today was our official first day of our road trip.  We awoke bright and early and pulled out of Palm Desert by 6:00 am… we had a deadline to meet!  We needed to arrive in time for our first fun excursion…a helicopter ride touring Zion National Park in Utah. Having traveled through Zion many times over the last years on our way to our annual trip to Lake Powell, Greg decided to treat me to a panoramic sky view of this breathtaking region.  Our driving schedule was pretty aggressive to make it there in time (no stopping for nada!  Food?  No time…did I mention that I think this trip is Greg’s little way of helping me lose my unwanted pounds?  Eating has not been on the agenda for the last two days)… One little glitch, we didn’t compensate for the time change in Utah, so we were an hour late.  Thankfully, they held the helicopter for us and we had the ride of a lifetime.  Confession…I was nervous (what else is new?) But I kept hearing my kids’ encouraging voices in my head. I do not want to be a wimpy mom… this adventure is stretching me, which is so good for me.

Pretty excited for this ride...although this WAS before we took off.
Pretty excited for this ride…although this WAS before we took off.
What can I say? I love this guy!!
What can I say? I love this guy!!

After the HIGH of our spectacular helicopter ride, we had only a couple of hours to make it to our campground in Panguitch Lake, Utah, where we would stay the night. 

Now here come the pesky lows.

I am dependent on GPS.  It NEVER lets me down.  But it sure did yesterday! We faithfully followed every one of the voice commands directing us to our next destination, but after 3 hours of driving, we arrived at an empty lot.  ( I must say, between lacking good GPS and a strong WiFi, I’m a bit of a mess!)  Great. Now what.  The sun’s going down, and we have NO IDEA where we are!  Yep! We’re lost.  Road tired, beyond hungry and not so sure how we will find our way, Greg wisely back tracks to the last time he knew we were heading in the right direction.  After another hour traveling through a lightning/rain storm, we finally found our way to our spot for the night. 

A pretty dark experience...complete with thunder, lightning and lots of rain.
A pretty dark experience…complete with thunder, lightning and lots of rain.
A gorgeous sunset
A gorgeous sunset

Even in the midst of the frustration of being lost, we saw some spectacular things that almost made the detour worth it.  We saw at least a dozen beautiful rainbows… one after another that felt like God was telling us there would be wonderful, brighter days ahead. 

One of a dozen gorgeous rainbows.
One of a dozen gorgeous rainbows.

By the side of the road, we saw several deer, including two mamas and their babies (wish I was fast enough with the camera to capture that sight.) And, we caught a beautiful sunset, showing there was a bright way through the clouds. All in all, the highs outweighed the lows and tomorrow is a new day!! Can’t wait to discover what’s in store for us on our way to Flaming Gorge Dam!

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Mostly Highs and a Few Pesky Lows”

  1. WOO HOO SANDY LOU!!!! So exciting and like Mom says, I feel like I am right there with you:) Love you!!!(are you suppose to
    leave personal messages on a blog???) hee hee Hi to Gregory Peck and safe travels you adventurers! XOXO

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