Day 12:  A “Champion” of a Day

I am overflowing with joy and have way too many things to report in one post… this is the kind of day where less words, and more pictures is the best way to capture the excitement.

First and foremost…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR AMAZING MOM!! You are the original explorer and gave us all the courage and curiosity to seize every opportunity to experience as many adventures as we can in our lifetimes!! We love you and appreciate the legacy you are passing on to your entire family!

Greg and I are overjoyed that Joan and Kent arrived last night and are here with us for a few days to experience things that just words cannot do justice.  Our day started off with a wonderful breakfast at Holy Grill in Calgary:)

And now for the BIG news of the day…Greg Sizemore is the new WORLD CHAMPION in the 60’s Doubles Division of Handball!! Wow!! We are so happy happy happy for him.  He played an absolutely amazing match with his partner Merv.  Congratulations Champ!!  It was a day to remember for a long time!!

After the match, we drove from Calgary to Banff, through SNOWY weather, to Lake Louise where we checked into the Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise.  The sites were stunning!

We just finished an amazing dinner and now,  we are getting ready to end this glorious day! Tomorrow, we wake up early for a hike around Lake Louise, before we continue on to Jasper and Whistler….Congratulations Greg! This was certainly a day to remember for a long, long time!

11 thoughts on “Day 12:  A “Champion” of a Day”

  1. Whoooooooohoooooooo! I’m jumping up in the air! Congrats dear talented brother of mine! Hugs to you all. I’m already bragging…sent your pic to my sports med orthopedics partner at work…had to tell someone who would understand…he said now he’s trying to think of a way of bragging on you too…have a beautiful, now unstressful rest of your trip


    1. Wow! This makes me so happy to hear from you!! So sorry for the delay! Not much Wifi here in Canada! Love you so much…thank you for passing on the blog to the other brothers and sisters!


  2. Hey, Sandy and Greg! Renee just passed this on to me and I had to express my pride in Greg’s awesome victory! Cool blog, too! Glad you both are having such a good time!


  3. Likewise with Renee’s heads up about your blog. Congratulations on the championship. Looks like a great trip. Enjoy it all. Stephen & Marjorie

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  4. We have been like the pioneers…no WiFi anywhere!! Now it’s finally here. (We’re in Vancouver!) Stand by for Day 13 and 14…posting soon!! We love you both!!


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