Day 14: Don’t Go Joan!!

We left early this morning (AGAIN!) because we had a long drive from Mt. Robson to Vancouver, where our sister Joan needed to catch a flight back to LA.  We are grateful that Kent can spend a few more days with us, but we wish Joan didn’t have to return.  While we made the motions to get her to the airport in time, secretly we all hoped that she misses her flight!! DON’T GO JOAN!!

As I said, we did the right thing and hit the road early to make the long drive to Vancouver.  As such, today was mostly a travel day, road warriors barreling down the highway.  Nevertheless, I do have a few observations about the day.

Driving along the mountain roads, up ahead we SAW A BABY BEAR crossing the road. (Sorry 😦 no picture!) Was it a black bear?  Was it a grizzly?  It’s debatable…but no doubt!  We saw our bear! Check that one off the bucket list!! 🙂

Our first stop was at the Country Inn Restaurant in Jasper. While the food was fine and the waitress was very welcoming, the most exciting thing about our morning was the fact that we finally had WiFi (did I mention that the night before at our glam cabin, we had neither wifi nor phone service?!?  Talk about a fish out of water!!) I won’t speak for the rest of us, but I’m sure I seemed quite obsessed with the WiFi, focusing more on my computer and phone than I did on the breakfast nor the waitress’ friendly banter.  Whatever!  I was a day behind on my blogging!! 😦

Driving along the road south to Vancouver, our surroundings were extremely smoky for many, many miles.  I’m not sure of the location of the fire/s, but I’m sure they were nearby.

The road to Vancouver was very pretty, but very smoky!
The road to Vancouver was very pretty, but very smoky!

After several hours of driving along windy, bumpy roads and coloring…and reading…and napping…and crocheting…we arrived in Vancouver.  Good for Joan, bad for us!!

We had dinner at Rodney’s Oyster House in Yaletown, Vancouver and enjoyed yummy food and great company.  Afterwards, we made the trek back to the RV, grabbed Joan’s suitcases and made the sad walk to the train station, where we said our goodbyes to Joan.

We love you Joan!  We’ll miss you! Tomorrow…Vancouver Island!

4 thoughts on “Day 14: Don’t Go Joan!!”

  1. I missed you yesterday, but looked on my map and knew there was no way you could send anything. I’ll bet Joan didn’t want to go either. Note in this morning’s paper fires now in Big Bear.


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