Day 16: West is Best

Let me start of by saying that today, I was highly driven by the desire to nap.  Knowing that Greg has a co-captain who is far more capable than I to navigate Vancouver Island, I took the liberty of snoozing while they drove.  So, almost all of the pictures you see today, are to the credit of Kent, the extraordinary photographer and navigator (aka the “Sidekick.”)

Any who, today we traveled to the west of the island.  So beautiful.  It’s amazing how varied the landscape is on Vancouver Island.  We went from port, to bustling city, to riverbank to fjord, to beach, to rain forest, back to beach again. Vancouver Island has it all…the Champ and the Co-Captain (he doesn’t prefer “sidekick”) are having lots of conversations about wanting to purchase property here.

So going back to the beginning of the day…we left our campground and headed westbound to the other side of Vancouver Island.  We traveled through Cathedral Grove which was stunning (or so I hear…I was asleep.)

Contiinuing on, we made our way to Port Alberni, which was located at the base of a river that ended in a fjord, which is a deep cavernous inlet that is carved out by glaciers.  The Champ spotted a little restaurant there called Pescadores, and let me say the food was DELICIOUS!!  A highlight for all of us for sure!!

From there we continued on a beautiful highway and made our next stop at Provincial Park at Sproat Lake. The ladies joined us for a walk down to the lake.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the sights surrounding us.

Back in the RV again and off we went, miles up the road, to our next stop, Wickaninnish Beach, located on the Pacific Rim.  People from around the world come here to see the sheer power of Mother Nature in the winter, as the storm waves are extraordinarily huge.  Hard to believe, since right now the sea is so calm and so lovely! Driftwood lining the shore. Nothing like we’ve ever seen in southern California!!

Ultimately, we stopped in Tofino.  We abandoned our original plans and decided to stay here for the night.  We had amazing tapas and cocktails, created by Chef Ryan and served by Felix from Quebec.  Delicious and memorable.  Add these two to our list of favorite Canadians…they both made us feel very glad we stayed here for the night.  Honestly, these people are the friendliest people around!!

We started off our day wanting to go wherever God leads us and we end our day feeling so very thankful for the people and sights we experienced today!  Wow! Wow! Wow!  Over the moon with gratefulness!!

Tomorrow…on our way to Butchart Gardens…We’ve heard about this place for such a long time.  Can’t believe we get to behold the sights ourselves!

I am loving blogging!! Thank you for reading!!

Blogging is fun!
Blogging is fun!

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