Day 18: Back in the USA…Hello Mt. Rainier!

When was the last time you had “one of this days?”  Well we had “one of those mornings”…Poor Champ! Just about everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  Trying to keep up with the flow of traffic, he got pulled over for speeding.  (It will be interesting to discover how to resolve a Canadian traffic violation…another part of the adventure?) Then, when we were finally able to navigate our way to catch our ferry into Washington, they could not locate our reservation, and because we could not wait until 3:00 pm for the next one, we were rerouted to a commuter ferry about an hour away.  Then, things started to look up…We were able to board the ferry in Swartz Bay in Victoria, bound for Tsawwassen, Vancouver.  Once there, we successfully made our way to the U.S. Border Patrol  entering Washington state.  Crossing the border took a little more time than we hoped, but we did make it through and had enough time to drive Kent to Sea Tac Airport and get him on his flight back home.

Next on our list, make the long drive to Ashford, which is at the base of Mt. Rainer in Washington.  There we hoped to grab a much needed dinner at a place I found on Yelp called Copper Creek Inn.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so we were more than ready for a good meal.  We drove through lots of Washington cities and finally made our way to beautiful mountain roads for the last 35 miles of our drive.  We enjoyed the huge trees that hugged that road,  and at the same time felt really sad to see yet another forest fire, along Alder Lake.  Our waitress Becky told us it’s been burning for about a week now…so sad.  Big theme across the lands we have traveled so far…there are fires burning just about everywhere we have been.

We had a delicious dinner, I had salmon and Greg had a flat iron steak.  With full stomachs (finally), we made our final, short trek to our campground, Mount Haven RV and Cabins.  Absolutely gorgeous site.  Might be my favorite one so far!! 

Tomorrow, we will look into hiking and exploring Mt. Rainier, Washington.  We are tired, but happy!  Hopefully tomorrow will be nothing but smooth sailing!

4 thoughts on “Day 18: Back in the USA…Hello Mt. Rainier!”

  1. So glad to find your blogs this morning. Whatever will we do without the daily fix when your adventure ends!? Enjoy the hiking


    1. Good question Mom…although life itself is an epic adventure, I don’t know how I can continue on and write about my adventures to the grocery store or the bank. I will hate ending this blog. It’s a lot of fun!


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