Tomorrow’s the day.

It is time for bed!  Tomorrow’s my first day of  Chemo.  Normally, I might be nervous. But instead I have such peace and faith that all will be ok. Tonight was the perfect night! Most of our family was able to spontaneously come over for a potluck and prayer time.  I am well covered by my team!

Our team is with us every step of the way!
My angel sisters by my side!

16 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the day.”

  1. Indeed you are surrounded by love and i know you will draw power to battle back the big C from them. I will have you in my prayers. Its a marathon that i know you will be able to finish my sweet lady.

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  2. You are a strong, faithful, well-loved woman, and that’s a good place to start this journey from. Sending you love and keeping you in my prayers. 💜

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  3. Sandy-Im so sorry you have to go through this “whatever they call Journey” no one should have to go through this crappy year- but you are going to be fine- it will suck big time but you are strong and an amazing person and they can cure what you have- my bff just had it- she is fine- and she looks great- she wants me to tell you that if you have any questions you are welcome to call her-

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  4. Sandy …. I wanted you to know that I put you on my prayer list. I had no idea and am just picking up on this. I have so enjoyed being connected with all your FB goings on and your fun family. I can see and know from afar that you are loved and have a lot of support. Most of all I know you have great faith and attitude! I believe strongly that those 2 things are most important. Please know that I will keep you in my morning prayers everyday and I have great faith that everything will be alright. I am a pediatric Heme/onc nurse so I can sympathize. Love and God’s blessing. Stay strong thru Him! Xo Wendy

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  5. I assume it is Sandy that is going through chemo! I think I live close to you and have walked these steps! If I can do ANYTHING for you…… Sit with you during chemo, drive you,
    Food…. For sure prayer….. Please call !💞🙏
    This is Yoli 9492930620❤️

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  6. Wow! Just read your story. Your unfailing trust in the Lord and positive outlook is an inspiration 💗
    I will definitely keep you in my prayers….xoxo

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  7. God and you ‘Got this” Sandy! YOU are not alone and you will be a sense of strength for all who are watching you on this journey and question God’s faith. God is good and he will bless you immensely through this challenge in other ways that are unexpected. Love you a ton!! You and God Got this!! A big Smoochy Kiss to you!!

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  8. Thinking of and praying for you often. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Can’t wait to see what God has in store. Love you Sandy!

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