Day 4: Close Encounters

The trip from Flaming Gorge, Utah to Moran, Wyoming was an easy one…we did get to see lots of antelope, a badger and flocks of canadian geese and the trip was smooth sailing.  We arrived at our RV resort just after 8:00pm.  Let me just say this about RV “resorts.”  I have a slightly different definition of “resort” than the one thrown around by the RV community.  The Grand Teton RV Resort had a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons, but other than that, it’s mostly a big lot with a bit of grass and electricity/water hook up and lots of mosquitos.   But trust me, after a long day on the road, the grass for the doggies and “hooking up” so we can take a shower is truly devine.  (Funny how one’s perspective changes in such a short time.)

When we awoke this morning, we were so grateful that we didn’t have to hit the open road to get to our next stop. Instead, we had a day to explore the gorgeous Grand Tetons at our leisure.  We drove a beautiful scenic route around Jenny Lake and String Lake, and stopped for lunch at the Jenny Lake Lodge.

With our tummies happily full (Greg has released me from the RV Starvation Diet), we went out to board our Minnie Winnie to move on to our next stop.  Well wouldn’t you know it, another tourist, with less than friendly manners, decided to box us in with his red suburban, making it impossible for us to leave.  After a short time, the restaurant maitre d’ came out with the culprit car owner so he would move his car…the man looked very large and very scary, was talking loudly, in a thick foreign accent, to someone on his cell phone and did not offer even one ounce of contrition.  Actually, he seemed annoyed that he had to move his car.  Of course, Sandy, who doesn’t know when to be quiet, tried to command an apology from him.  Greg wisely summed up the situation…and came to the conclusion that the thug was probably mafia and our best bet was just to exit the situation.  Hrrumph!  Some people!! :/

A lovely lunch at Jenny Lake Lodge - before we met up with the Russian thug.
A lovely lunch at Jenny Lake Lodge – before we met up with the Russian thug.

Not to be sidetracked from pursuing a good time, we journeyed on to our next stop: a horseback ride through the gorgeous mountains, overlooking the valley.  The Russian thug was soon forgotten and we had a lovely afternoon on horseback.

Afterward, we contemplated hanging out in Jackson Hole, but it was so crowded, we decided to instead return to Moran, where we went for a second night to a cool little restaurant called the Hatchet Grill.  The staff there was super friendly, the food was great, and it felt like true Wyoming, complete with a wild horse than meanders up to the patio to eat whatever the patrons can spare from their plates.  Tonight, we sat next to a super nice couple, Fritz and Diana, from San Diego, and we discovered that we even have mutual friends…Small world!!

Tomorrow we leave for Yellowstone National Park. Our best roadie friends, Fritz and Diana, told us to get an early start, as they witnessed at least 1,000 people crowding in to catch a glimpse of Old Faithful.  By the way, before I go to bed tonight, I will be sure that Greg has his bear spray ready to go…Yellowstone has had big bear problems lately!  Check out this link, if you can “bear” it!  Grizzly Bear Attack

P.S. Greg just gently corrected me…the restaurant horses weren’t wild, they were just free grazing…oh well.  My version makes for a more fantastic story, so I’m sticking with it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Close Encounters”

  1. I so look forward to your daily escapes! Do Bella and Daisy now enjoy the great outdoors and what they’re expected to do there?


  2. Hi Mom! It gives me so much joy to know you’re following along! It’s been quite an adventure so far!! Knowing you’re with us makes me a little less homesick!! The dogs are adjusting some….at least now Bella will do her business, as long as our RV “resort” has a patch of grass for her comfort. Today was quite a spectacular day….sitting down now to write about it. I love and miss you!!


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