Day 5: Bison, Bison and More Bison!

Today we awoke early, and set the wheels in motion to get an early start to make the drive to Yellowstone National Park. Remembering the sage advice from our San Diego “besties” Fritz and Diana, we wanted to arrive to see “Old Faithful” before the throngs of humanity descended upon her.

Driving through rainstorms, we made our way to this spot we thought would be the pinnacle of our day. We walked up to find our viewing position of this famous geyser just seconds before she blew (we were so happy about our timing, as she wasn’t predicted to go off again until an hour and a half later.) Of course, it was exciting to see the sheer power of mother nature in action and we had to wonder, “When will this massive volcano/earth quake blow again?” Hopefully not in our lifetime, nor our kids’, nor our grandkids’..overwhelming when you think of what COULD happen!!

Mother Nature in all her glory!
Mother Nature in all her glory!

At the advice of a nice park ranger, we opted to travel in an south/eastern direction from “Old Faithful” in hopes that we would we would encounter wildlife that we normally only get to see on the National Geographic Channel.

Sure enough, we were not disappointed!! We encountered hundreds of Bison…far off in the distance, on the roadside, and, best yet, walking down the highway right next to our vehicle.  There were lots of caution signs to keep your distance.  We definitely heeded the warning!  They may look docile, but looks are deceiving!

We traveled through the nature/wilderness and enjoyed every inch of this unspoiled, natural land.  Our final spot for the day was Mammoth Hot Springs, which is a large complex of hot springs on a hill of travertine.

Traveling through the town of Mammoth Hot Springs, was well worth our while, as we came upon an elk. Check off another one on Greg’s list of animals he wants to see!

Just hangin' out in the town square.
Just hangin’ out in the town square.

After all our excitement, we traveled to our RV camp/home for the night, outside the north entrance to Yellowstone, in the town of Gardiner, Montana.  Our spot was right next to the Yellowstone River and was everything we had hoped for…green grass, easy entrance/hook-up, and a spectacular rainbow/lightning show to boot.  It’s been a great day.  Thank you Lord!!

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