Day 8: Calgary or Bust!

Today we left the U.S. to drive to Calgary, Canada (for only a week), where Greg will compete in the World Handball Tournament…We’re pretty excited for this competition.  Our day was dedicated to getting across the border and making our way to Calgary.  I had some anxiety over whether or not we could easily cross into Canada with the girls.  No problem!  All of our papers were in order (honestly, we could have passed through without even mentioning the dogs.  It’s always good to be prepared though…the opposite could have also happened and anyone who knows me, knows there would have been an international incident if my doggies could not pass through for any reason.)

We found the venue where Greg will play tomorrow at 2:00 PM, got him registered, got the lay of the land, and grabbed our linner/dunch at a cute place nearby called Van Gogh’s.  Now we’re tucked in for the night at our campground and we will turn in early so Greg is ready for his first big match tomorrow.

Short post tonight.  We’ll hopefully have more to share tomorrow.  To everyone we love in the U.S…take good care of yourselves. God bless America!

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