Day 9: Bring it on!

Here in Calgary, the main focus of our adventure is the World Handball Championships…On the first day of the tournament, Greg and his doubles partner Merv (from Canada) were slated to compete in the 60’s doubles at 2:00pm.  So we departed our home sweet RV park home about 11:00 to go get a good lunch  (Van Gogh’s Grill for the second time) and give Greg plenty of time to warm up and be ready for his match.  We arrived at the venue about an hour early, Greg parked me and the doggies in a spot right next to a park and headed off to play.  I had some work to do, so I planned to take my front seat in the gallery closer to 2:00.  Meanwhile, Merv’s wife Colleen, who’s also a crazy dog lady visited me in the RV as well as another handball wife, Chattan.  It’s nice to meet some of the other wives that are along for the ride.  Unfortunately, Greg’s competitors ended up forfeiting the match, due to injury (?) or scared ? (haha)  Either way, even it was a win for Greg, he didn’t even get to play today.  (But Greg’s quite pleased that he didn’t make any mistakes today!  Flawless handball!) We are shortly on our way to go out to dinner at…you guessed it…Van Gogh’s Grill…with Greg’s 55’s doubles partner William, from Albuquerque.  A little social time, a little strategy “chalk talk” and another delicious meal.  Three times in 2 days at the same restaurant, should tell you how delicious was the food.  I’d better watch it, or Greg’s going to put us back on the RV starvation diet! Tomorrow we have a free day in Calgary before Greg plays in his 55’s Doubles match with William at 8:00 pm tomorrow night. Until tomorrow….

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