Reporting in after Chemo #2

Chemo was last Thursday, and I was very happy to have another one under my belt!  Four more to go! I am now 1/3 of the way through!! Hallelujah!

Before my infusion session, my wonderful oncologist Dr. Ein-Gal, did her regular check up, but this time took a rough measurement of one of my tumors.  Even though it wasn’t exact, the GREAT news is that one of them has definitely shrunk after only one treatment.  Praise God!! This is an answer to all of our prayers.  The Chemo is working!  Its original measurement was about 2.5 cm, and Dr. Ein-Gal estimates it has shrunk to about 1.5 cm, which is about a 40% reduction.  I can’t begin to tell you how encouraged we all felt, to know that the growth has stopped and the reduction has begun.

I will know the precise measurements of my progress after my 3rd chemo at the end of August, when I will have a new MRI and possibly an ultrasound.  I look expectantly forward to that day!

For now, I am grateful that the symptoms seem to be less challenging as compared to my first round.  

  • We started IV fluids the day after chemo (as opposed to starting a few days in),
  • I have my trusty medical marijuana to keep my appetite active and my nausea, aches/pains at bay,
  • I stayed at home and didn’t try to be Super Woman…just laying around acting like the Queen of Sheba.
  • Finally, my stomach issues are diminished.  Dr. Ein-Gal lowered my Carboplatin dosage and I think that helped.

Mind you, I don’t feel great, but I feel hopeful.  

I now know from my experience last time, that Sunday/Monday after Thursdays’ chemo will find me at my lowest and then I will start to feel like my old self again!  I can’t wait to resurface next week and be “on vacay” for the next 12-14 days….

I’ll get to go on my beloved walks, step out for a bite to eat with my sweetheart, drive a car, go on errands, see friends, deliver my meals-on-wheels, go to church, go to my prayer group meetings, and maybe even walk on the beach!  It’s the simple things I cherish so much!

Rest easy, my dear friends!  I am doing pretty well and I am very hopeful.  Please know that I cherish every word of your expression of love, support and prayer! I wish I had the bandwidth to write a thank you note to each of you, and hope you know I would if I could!

But since I can’t, please know that I am SO GRATEFUL for the overflow of encouragement sent our way, and I hope and pray I am able to encourage you, the way you have uplifted my family and me. xoxox

Here are a few pictures from my last chemo adventure:

My sweet buddy Nanala, sitting with me during chemo.
These two are my inspiration and role models.
FullSizeRender 4
Sarah faithfully by my side, ALWAYS!

PS. I have lots of wigs and hats to wear around town!  Excited to try out my many personas, but I am also happy to have just my little baldish head.

No hair? Don’t care.

It’ll be back when I’m healed and I will unveil another “New Me.”

(Spoiler alert…it’ll likely be curly and grey!  Eeeek! I’m not really blonde!)