Great news at my halfway point!

This is a quickie, because I wanted to share some really good news!

So today before my chemo infusion #3, I met with my oncologist Dr.Ein-Gal, like I do before every infusion appointment.

Last time we met, she found the tumor that is closest to the surface and using a measuring tape, roughly confirmed that the tumor had shrunk about 40%.  I thought THAT was good news…well guess what…

Today, she couldn’t find the same tumor, by physical exam. To quote her exact words, she said “I’m fishing around and I can’t find it.”  Well you can imagine how thrilled Greg and I were to hear this news.

As she should be, she was careful to say that when I have my ultrasound and MRI in the next two weeks, they will be able to precisely measure my status and compare to my old films.  So of course, we have to have measured enthusiasm.  But I am so so so encouraged.  My treatment is working!! Praise God!!

Haha! I quickly asked her if I had to finish my chemo treatments if the cancer is shown to be gone…her answer yes, you do.  Oh well, it was worth a try, right?

Nevertheless, I am still very, very encouraged and wanted you all to know.  Our prayers are being answered and I am so very grateful!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!