Coming through valley #2

Hi all! Just wanting to let you know that I seem to be resurfacing after Chemo #2!  This time, because of a lot of prayer (thank you!) and the changes I mentioned we made, I fared much better and am rebounding much faster!  Hopefully this will be my typical experience going forward:

Day 1 – Chemo

Day 2-6 Rest and recuperate

Day 7 – Begin 2 week chemo vacay!

The days leading up to Chemo were delightfully full, spending family time with Greg, Michael, Valerie, Sarah and Wes. Together, we had a lot of laughs and overcame some pretty big hurdles (surgery, head shaving, etc.) Then I cruised into Chemo day and the hours in the chair were far fewer than the last time (another big bonus to this time’s experience.)

Sarah left to return to SF on Friday morning and the days following I stayed in bed.

Sunday is usually my favorite day of the week, but with Chemo its my “down day,” when I’m at my physical lowest.  This Sunday I had a bright spot when my sweet neighbor Angelica came by for a visit.  She’s my special friend as we are both battling breast cancer.  She is such an amazing, courageous lady and we have discovered a sweet bond between us. Perhaps this was the reason we moved here?  So Angelica and I could meet and become friends.

My friend Angelica!  So grateful for her visit and for her book of encouragement scriptures!

Monday and Tuesday were more days of resting. Then by Tuesday afternoon I was ready for some fresh air and to see what the rest of the world was up to while I was gone.  The sweet thing?  That my beautiful life is still intact, the world goes on and is just the same as it was when I went into my mini hibernation.

Greg took me out for some yummy Pressed Juicery Frozen Yogurt! Oops! Forgot to wear my hair! Oh well. Who cares!
Playing tourists and taking the ferry over to the peninsula!
IMG_1794 (1)
This guy deserves a gold medal for the way he is always caring for me!
A gorgeous evening in Newport! So grateful to sit on the sand, watching the waves and the sunset!

Wednesday rolled around and it was a big outing day for me!  My big opportunity to get up, get dressed and seize my day!

Off we went to recheck my port surgery.  It was great to see my surgeon Dr. Curcio.  She affirmed, once again, that the tumor is shrinking!  The Chemo is doing its job!! Praise God!!

Waiting to start my check-up!
So happy! The cancer is shrinking!!

From the doctor’s appointment, we ran by the wig shop to have a few changes made to my wigs and then we were delighted to have a spontaneous lunch with our parents.

Meet Meg!  Another one of my alter egos.

This morning I went on a walk with my mom and then had lunch with my cutie-pie nieces!!

Dayna and Elise always keep me laughing!  I feel their age when I’m with these 2!

And then, I had to rest.  Lest I forget, this ol’ body needs to recuperate! With power naps, I’m able to engage in more of my regular activities! So much appreciation for the “normal” things in life.

A little power nap, and I’m ready for more. 

Wishing you all an abundance of blessings!  So grateful for you!! Until next time!