Here we go.

Just a quickie this morning:  In about an hour, Greg and I will leave for the surgery center, where I will have my port-a-cath surgery.  I was supposed to have it before my first chemo treatment, but because I was fighting my root canal infection, Dr. Curcio opted to wait a month.  For those of you who enjoy watching “House” and learning medical procedures, this is what a Port-a-cath is:

It is an IV (intravenous) catheter that is placed under the skin in a patient who requires frequent administration of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, antibiotics, intravenous feeding, or blood draws. It is a central IV line, meaning that the catheter is threaded into one of the large central veins in the chest, which empties into the heart. The vein which is used most often is the right internal jugular vein. This vein is preferred because it is very close to the skin and easy to find with ultrasound. It runs straight down to the heart and has the lowest risk for problems during placement of the catheter, and subsequent use by oncology nurses.

Tomorrow will be Chemo treatment #2.  This treatment, and all future ones, will only be 1 day, unlike last time that was 2 days.

My prayers?

  • That the chemo will destroy the cancer and leave the rest of my body in good health and
  • The side effects, if any, will be diminished this time,
  • That we will better anticipate them and proactively treat them,
  • That the days that I am “down” will be short-lived, and
  • That my family feels the Lord’s presence and faithfulness through it all, and
  • That I would glorify God by handling this with strength and dignity, and
  • That we are always mindful of praising God, trusting Him and giving him our praise.

That’s it for now!  Time to get ready to go to the hospital!

I love you all, and am so thankful for you!!

PS.  My few hairs are still with me, but will probably shave my head later today.

6 thoughts on “Here we go.”

  1. Sweet Sandy!! Thank you for sharing and you were on my list to call today since I thought it was Friday you had your chemo. Wow It sounds like things are moving right along and I will pray for you and your family! You are the light that Jesus wants in all of us and I only hope if I ever was faced with this I would handle it with such grace like you. Shine on sister and love you a ton!

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  2. Praying for you daily! I would like your mailing address if it’s ok but I understand if you don’t want to give it out! I respect how you must be feeling and all that you are going through! Be still and know…….!

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